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Dave Erickson


  1. potzblitz says:

    Hi Dave,

    by accident I found your page about the FT232H including the SPI communication. I am writing my master thesis at Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany,
    I am facing a similar problem:
    I need the UM232H to get data from a DSP (TI TMS320C28346). Since my data is getting into the DSP with a rate of 52ksps I have to get the UM232H very fast. You mentioned to send more commands in a row to make the FT232H faster.
    Could you please show any of your code? I am pretty new into programming so some examples and advices you could give me would be realy great.
    Thank you very much in advance!
    Johannes Miersch

  2. Dave Erickson says:

    The SPI DAQ was a good project. I like that the FT232H allows high speed SPI to many devices with no other processor or programmable logic. But it always requires a PC, even to do simple tasks. This is fine for some projects, but can be a pain for others. I’m now playing with Arduino Leonardo’s since they provide full speed USB as well as local intelligence, SPI and I2C and serial, ADC converters, and all in a $3 chip or $20 module.

    Not only can the intelligence be used for basic controls and displays, but any real-time alarms, errors, overpower, etc can be done. Many projects need these as I am finding out.


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