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Arduinos and Arduino compatible processor boards have gone a bit wild. In addition to the Basic 8 bit Uno, Leonardos, and Megas, there are many 32 bit processors such as Due, Teensy, ESP8266 and ESP32. I was never fond of the original Arduino form factor since it is large, tall, and a bit cumbersome to connect to. But the smaller Micro, Mini, Nano, Teensy and others are all pretty great.

Dive into various aspects of Arduino.

Arduino Front Panel and Panel Meter: LEOLED

This project uses an OLED graphic display to provide a small and powerful user interface. By the way it also does high resolution analog measurement and control, with an optional electrically isolated interface. 

Original Arduino Panel Meter: LCD Version

The original Arduino Panel Meter concept: prototypes to first PC boards. 

Analog performance, particularly of Due's 12 bit ADC

Basic measurements of the new 12 bit ADCs on newer Arduinos.

The Blog for this project

The Blog for this project

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