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            SojournThe Erickson's Sailing Adventure
2002-2003 East coast sail trip down the ICW to the Bahamas

Chris Craft Sailboat Division Web Page
Association dedicated to all Chris Craft Sailboats

Dave Erickson's Apache 37 Web Page
1968 Chris-Craft Sailboat "Second Sojourn"

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Electronics Projects:

DIY-SMU Source-Measure Unit. 3 voltage ranges up to +/- 150V and 6 current ranges 100mA down to 1uA in an Arduino-based SMU project
18bit precision DAC. Arduino-based precision voltage source using 18 bit DAC. Now with SCPI!
Power Supply Common Mode noise in DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
LM399 Precision 10V voltage reference
Solar Stuff: Analysis of solar panel shading, Solar panel simulator, Teardown of a low-cost Grid-Tie Inverter.
E-Load DIY Electronic Load   (New) 100-200W E-load The project that evolved...
OneWart: to rule them all. This simple board replaces up to 8 USB, 12V and 5V Power Bricks.
LeoLed: Arduino based panel meter with OLED display and front panel controls
PS-Load Arduino-based Power Supply / Electronic Load project
DIY Synthesizer Projects Eurorack Music Synthesizer
Triple Power Supply: 3 channel Lab supply.
Analog Polysynth Project Open-source modular Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, Teensy Controller
Ambika 4P Filter Board: Budget Ambika Project SMT DIY version of Ambika filter / voice boards. 
X10 Power Line Control troubleshooting Including a simple X10 signal monitor. 
Raspberry Pi Power for Audio Discussion of power noise issues and solutions for a RPI Volumio audio server project. 
History of my DIY Audio projects: 50 years of DIY amplifiers, preamps, Whole-house audio systems and speakers. 
Ode to IDC Ribbon Cables Why I like ribbon cable.


Datacube Products Page:  How I spent the 80s and 90s. MaxVideo, MV20, MaxPCI, product history and technology.
Restoring a Sun 4 VME System:  Unique VME board Sparcstation 1 system. Can he do it??

Electronics Repair / Recondition Projects:

HP / Agilent 4395A Spectrum / Network / Impedance analyzer repairs: 2 of them. Hint: it's the power supplies
Lambda LPD and LQD Power Supply repair / Upgrade: Repair and upgrade these classic power supplies
HP 3466A Digital Multimeter DMM repair and Lithium battery mod: Repair and upgrade a nice, older, DMM

Older Projects:

2005 Tower Speakers. Upgrading aging Bose-901s with modern tower speakers
Power-One Power Supply Hackers.  Fun with linear Power Supplies, Also Condor, Bel Power and others
Fun with Tubes.  Vacuum tubes, high voltage, and a guitar amp project
Molex KK Connectors. Why so complicated???
Arduino Projects. Particularly the Due, ARM based processor
USB SPI Control. Control stuff from your PC
Multi-Zone Audio System. Whole-House audio, STM32 Design Challenge project. Published in Circuit Cellar Jan-Feb 2014
STM32 Page. ARM Cortex M3 Microprocessor project
PC Preamp  Audio system for PCs including PC to Stereo

Even Older Projects:

BoatBus Embedded AVR and LCD microprocessor projects for home and boat
Prototyping How I used to prototype electronics projects

Last updated 2/19/2023